Doctor On A Dinosaur

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 Cosplay pictures, Jack Harkness

So i went to the thrift shop today to look, and i found this coat (which is a little big for me, but i’ll never find something that isnt), and shirt. I was surprisingly close to actually having this cosplay done from the start.

There are still a few things that need to be done:

Different suspenders (thicker, two clips on one strap thingy), White undershirt (can you believe that I don’t own a plain white T-shirt?), get an actual Vortex Manipulator (im using my ridiculously big watch as one for now), and a haircut.

The coat isn’t perfect, but the few things that aren’t perfect can be fixed easily (Replace buttons, the shoulder strappy things are different, its not ankle length(this can’t be fixed, actually)).

So yeah, im pretty proud with how this has turned out.

Now…I just need a reason to wear this….

This article was posted 9 months ago